29 November 2006

Week of 29 November 2006

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Delight—ABBAzeum—Hooray for Stockholm planners of a new museum to honor the second biggest music act to ever come out of the Scandinavian region. I bet you forgot about A-Ha from Norway didn't you?

Dud—Hulk rebooted—Mark your calendars for June 2008. Marvel Comics® executives have announced a new film for the gamma green super hero is in the works. This will be the first time a superhero film (remember, this is not a film franchise as there was only one film) will be rebooted after a sound booting out of theatres by movie goers the first time around. Usually, one reboots a tiring franchise, not a one-hit-wonder, let alone a one-hit-failure.

I Promise This Will Be The Final Mention Of Borat Dud—Borat—A Kazakh author named Sapabek Asip-uly feels that Sacha Baron Cohen is worthy of an award for bringing international awareness of Kazakhstan. Did he see the same movie I saw?

Double Dud #1—What's in the Water Down Under?—Elton John and the Yellow Wiggle both ill in Australia at the same time?

Delight—"Must See TV"—So, NBC is bringing back a two-hour comedy block to Thursday begging the question, why did you try to fix what wasn't broken? But also, begging another question, why do the networks all think that situation comedy is dead? Is it because they went through a period of putting on too many to keep track of and wondered where the ratings all went? (see "Heroes" below)

Delight—Paula Patton—From Idlewild to Déjà Vu, Ms Patton is on the path of becoming the next Halle Berry. She's an incredibly attractive, strong, and charismatic. Bravo to the casting directors who have given her opportunities to demonstrate her full range of talent in these two very different films.
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Madonna at the Music Awards
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Dud—Madonna's Thanksgiving Special—Ratings were a complete dud. Hmm, could it be that the network promised it would be lame...er...tame? If you want Madonna fans to watch, you put on the real show; or, at least, you don't announce in advance you're cutting out the controversy.

Double Dud—Mel and Michael—I am all about forgive and forget. What Mel Gibson and Michael Richards have demonstrated in no uncertain terms is that anger brings out the worst in all people.

Delight—Spirit Awards—Little Miss Sunshine and Half Nelson were recognized with numerous nominations marking the beginning of the season for film awards to come.

Dud—Swedish Sherrybaby—How is it that the Swedish people were able to honor Maggie Gyllenhall with a Best Actress award at 17th annual Stockholm International Film Festival for her role in Sherrybaby when most people in the USA still haven't had the opportunity to see this film?

Delight—"Heroes"—I love it when a sci-fi show hits the mainstream big time. Like it or not, nerds know good tv when they see it. Hence the success of Sci-Fi channel's "Battlestar Galactica" and "Stargate" franchises. But, could I be misconstruing the evidence? Could it be rather that people, all people, like fresh ideas rather than 7 "Law & Order" series, 6 "CSI" series, 27 reality series, and 15 newsmagazines in prime time? Hmm. I wonder. There is something to be learned from this season of television--different is better.