28 November 2006

Week of 11 September 2006

Dud—The Emmys—Can someone explain how LOST didn't win best drama? Sure, I watched the first two seasons of 24. Then, I quit. Wanna know why? Simple, I watched them on DVD, all 24 episodes of each, in one day. Guess what? It's not 24 hours long because each show isn't an hour—there are those pesky commercials. So, what is going on during the 8 hours of lost time? It's weird to think that in 24 hours of television there are 8 hours of commercials, but that is approximately true. 20 minutes of each 60-minute show is commercials. In any case, the real thing is that if you watch the episodes one after another with no week in between so that your memories fade, you'll see a world of glitches and problems that simply don't add up. I still think it's a good show and all, but come on. LOST!?!?!?!?!

DudCrossover—Why even make a movie designed to empower young men and lead them down the right path if you have to do it at the expense of young women?

DelightThe War Tapes—Well, delight is not the right word, but this film should be a strong contender for best documentary of the year. If you have been wondering where all the cynics of the war in Iraq have been hiding, how about in the ranks of the front line? Dedicated soldiers risking their lives for what they all feel boils down to the money being made from war. Stunning and brave film.

DelightBroken Bridges—Toby Keith? Sorry, I'm not like the other 99% of the nation that loves country. So, count me in your ranks on this guy. Great music, soulful sounds, movie that's really about trying to make good on all the dumb decisions we make in our youth.

Delight / DudThe Protector—Tony Jaa yahoo for bringing the Thai culture to light and his brilliant martial arts choregraphy. Boo to the writer and director for turning the film into a live action video game with a nearly incomprehensible plot and the worst continuity flaws I've ever seen in a movie.

Delight—Pirate Booty—Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest has topped the $1 billion mark in world-wide ticket sales joining and elite duo of films: The Titanic and Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. What did I tell you, " Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest will be THE hit of the summer." Actually, it's THE hit of the year.

Delight—Sicko—Michael Moore is at it again. This time he's making a film that nails the USA health care system. Should be fun! Great title anyway.

Delight / Dud—Toronto Film Festival Picketers—I was delighted by the kid-led group of picketers at the Toronto Film Festival who were protesting rating films with smoking in them below PG-13. Good call kids. Glad you thought of it especially when so many studies show that kids who watch smoking on tv or in the movies are far more likely to try smoking than those that don't. Kind of makes sense because movies and tv do not carry along the actual smell of the smoke or the choking sensations it brings like two chain-smoking parents did. I'll tell you, there's no better deterrent to smoking than having two chain-smoking parents. One 12-hour winter drive to Albuquerque from Denver in the car with the windows up to keep the heat in was all it took to ensure I'd never smoke in my lifetime. Now, I'll probably get lung cancer, but it will be through no fault of my own. Boo to Hollywood and smoking in movies in general. I understand it if it's for historical accuracy. But, I've noticed more and more smoking in movies lately. Which is kind of ironic since that is the theme of the film Thank You for Smoking where the tobacco lobbyist does everything he can to get more smoking in movies! And here I thought that was a fictional film. Maybe it should win best documentary.

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