29 November 2006

Week of 23 November 2006

Delight—Daniel Craig "Bond, James Bond"—If you've been waiting to see Casino Royale (2006), or you are boycotting still hoping Sean Connery will return, it's time to give in and see the film. Daniel Craig really is the best James Bond ever.

Probably Still Not The Last Mention of the Ever-expanding And Growing Even More Gigantic Than It Was the Two Previous Weeks Dud so Dudly It's SickBorat—Russia has decided that it will ban the film in a show of support for Kazakhstan. Interesting, huh? My point is still the same, don't make a movie like this where you make fun of people in this way that is all contrived and fake, and you won't have these problems. I hope that Mr. Cohen realizes that what he has done has hurt a lot of people. Worse, he has given a license for an entire generation to think this kind of comedy is funny. It's not. It is only funny if you think politically incorrect, stereotypical, sexist, racist comedy is funny, and if you do, it's time to stop and ask yourself why you do, because, really, it's not good to.

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Delight—The Year of Hugh Jackman—Let's recap: Wolverine in X-Men 3, the dashing Lord Peter Lyman in Woody Allen's Scoop, the magician Robert Angier in The Prestige, the voice of Roddy in Flushed Away, the voice of Memphis in Happy Feet, and finally the conquistador Tomas in The Fountain. Has there been an actor that has delivered a more credible, more diverse résumé this year? Somebody please alert the Academy.

DelightPirates of the Caribbean 2—If you are among the very few who still haven't seen POC2, mark 5 December on your calendar.

DudX-Men 3 DVD Adverts—Ok, I've ranted about this before, but I'm still upset that they made such a big deal about Ben Foster's Angel and he's in the film all of 5 minutes. So, there he is with full wing span bursting out of the tv in the ad for the DVD along with James Marsden's Cyclops who may be the only X-Man in the film with less time than Angel. Arrgggghhhhh.

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Dud—Missing the Boat—I know I'm just one person, but I am fearful of the future of films when I read reports of critical raves for Borat which got an A- from Entertainment Weekly's critics who then gave the new Russell Crowe film, A Good Year, a C-. A C-, by the way, is the same grade EW gave to Garfield 2. Huh? Something smells rotten in Denmark or, rather, New Amsterdam.

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