28 November 2006

Week of 14 August 2006

Delight/Dud—Toni Collette—in Little Miss Sunshine AND The Night Listener, she has got to get a nomination this year and win! / Robin Willilams in The Night Listener.

DudShadowboxer—I have no clue what Helen Mirren nor Cuba Gooding, Jr. were thinking when they agreed to star in this film. Maybe it's better if Toni Collette doesn't win an award if this is where winners or nominees go next.

DelightLittle Miss Sunshine—there's no more 'real' film out there today!

Delight/DudStep Up—the music and dancing / the stereotypes and the gang banging.

DudPulse—for a good ghost story, acquire Poltergeist instead.

DelightCrossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul—finally a method for world peace has been found.

Dud/DelightWorld Trade Center—Maggie Gyllenhaal is awful, and it's too soon for WTC movies / Oliver Stone takes the high ground and makes a very good movie that's not so much about the events of 9-11 as it is about the courage of rescue workers and a person's will to survive.

Possible Dud—Daniel Craig—the new James Bond?

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