28 November 2006

Week of 18 September 2006

Delight—Landmark Theatres—Founded by the same guy who created the Telluride Film Festival, Landmark Theatres are the only national chain that caters to the I&IFs (Independent and International) films. Please support these movie theaters in your city if you have the opportunity. We all need to help keep the I&IFs flowing in this country.

Biggest DudThe Last Kiss—two hours of everything that's wrong with men and women and probably why they shouldn’t have relationships--gee, sounds like a winner to me! Warning, this is neither a good date film nor a 'chick flick'.

Biggest DelightGridiron Gang—a truly memorable film with heart and soul. Not the best film of the year, but certainly worthy of box office support.

Dud—Decision to Release So Many Animated Films in 2006—well, this is the year of the animated film. But the latest one, Everyone's Hero, proves the technique is showing signs of becoming trite and over used, and we've got a couple more yet to go. Really though, it all boils down to the story. If the story's weak, it doesn't matter how one films it.

DelightTrust the Man—the polar opposite of The Last Kiss, and probably the movie that should have been Clerks II, this brilliantly funny, biting, romantic comedy is just plain great.

Dud / Delight—Maggie Gyllenhaal—I've got to admit that lately it seems like she's in every film I see. I am delighted to see her career blossom. She has been in four films this summer alone, and I just saw her in a preview for a moving coming soon. Yikes, girl, let some other actresses get some work.

DudGreat New Wonderful—Don't be fooled by the title, it just as easily could have been called Psycho Cake Geritol®.

Delight—Keira Knightley—in a Yahoo®-conducted poll, Ms Knightley was dubbed the greatest starlet ever. When you look at her prestigious résumé for such a young actress it is difficult to disagree.

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