28 November 2006

Week of 9 November 2006

Delight—Hooray for Bollywood—Recent deals made by Bodvod and Time Warner Cable will allow for the release of many more films from India to US audiences each year. As the second largest producer nation of films in the world, it will be interesting to see what all India has to offer. Hopefully, more films like Deepa Mehta’s film, Water.

Growing Even More Gigantic DudBorat—The more I think about this film the more disastrous I find it.

Dud—Google® Buys You Tube™—I could write for half an hour on this topic, but I'll just leave at one word...control. What was a place where freedom of speech rang from sea to shining sea, is now another media outlet.

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Delight/Dud—Johnny Depp and the People's Choice Awards—Congrats to Johnny Depp for three People's Choice Award-nominations. Just wondering though, who are the people who make these choices? Have you ever met anyone who got to make their choices known?

Dud—The Real Borat—A Turkish man is claiming that Cohen's Borat character was inspired by his web site and photos of him playing ping pong and wearing a skimpy bathing suit. Um, dude, why would you want to claim you were the inspiration for one of the most horrendous characters in cinematic history? I don't get it.

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Dud—Reese and Ryan Split—With cruel intentions, crash into someone legally blond and you are bound to be pulled over to walk the line.


DudFlushed Away—Just wondering if other people find it a little yucky to find the logo and title of this new animated film by the makers of Shrek on such things a cereal boxes and macaroni and cheese for kids?
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Randomly Sane said...

lol...i totally agree on the borat thingy...too much hype, not really satisfying as much as appalling...