28 November 2006

Week of 21 August 2006

Dud / DelightBeowolf & Grendel—the film does not stick to the literary version / still it's a powerful and entertaining film nonetheless.

DudBeowolf & Grendel—a confusing mix of accents makes for a difficult time in understanding the story if you haven't read the epic poem, and who hasn't?

DelightThe Science of Sleep—creativity galore no need to snore this one's no bore.

DudOnce in a Lifetime—New York Cosmos?—I thought the pro soccer team for NYC was called the New York Red Bulls. What do I know?

DudWassup Rockers—I want to ask Larry Clark, what exactly was up? Time to get some new material buddy.

Delight / Dud?Snakes on a Plane—Who would have thought that Samuel L. Jackson on a plane with 450 poisonous snakes would be so much fun? It's definitely a guilty pleasure though. / I'm not making this up, though, his next film will be called Black Snake Moan. It's not a sequel. It's about a dude who's not too happy with the ways of a woman he finds on the side of the road, so he chains her up to teach her some life lessons. Sounds, like a winner, huh?

Dud?—John Mark Karr—Has he finally given an ending to the JonBennet Ramsay story so they can make a real movie version? Let's hope not.

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