28 November 2006

Week of 23 October 2006

Dud—Big Biz Taking on Hollywood?—Why is diamond export giant De Beers worrying about the upcoming film, Blood Diamond, and spending a load of money on a pro diamond-buying campaign? If Russell Crowe's The Insider had no impact on the sales of cigarettes, isn't it doubtful Leonardo DiCaprio's film will have much impact on diamond sales?

Delight—"Dallas" off Route 66—Oh darn, it seems that the movie version of the 1980s drama "Dallas" has hit the skids big time with John Travolta being the only name still attached. Maybe somebody realized that, actually, "Dynasty" was a better show?
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Be Cool - John Travolta -...
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Dud—Critics of The Prestige—Come on folks, did you ruin The Sixth Sense too? The Prestige has so many great secrets and twists it seems like you'll do no harm in giving away a couple, three, or four. NO!

Delight—He's Back—Roger Ebert is recovering well and according to Entertainment Weekly p. 18, 27 October 2006, plans to cover this year's Oscars for ABC. His acerbic wit and thoughtful reviews have been sorely missed. Plus, I've had no one to with whom to disagree on nearly every film now for a couple of months.

Dud—Critics and Flags of Our Fathers—Sorry, but it is not unpatriotic to call out a mediocre movie when it is mediocre.

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Clint Eastwood
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Delight—Letters from Iwo Jima—Clint Eastwood has quickly made a follow-up film to cover the Japanese perspective of the capture of Iwo Jima in WWII. Some say that added to Flags of our Fathers, one gets a more complete picture. That might be true if it was pared with a re-edited version of the first film.

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Mark Wahlberg
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Dud or Delight—Wahlberg Bros. vs. Maggied Gyllenhall—Has anyone else noticed the Wahlbergs seem to be in just about every movie lately? They're nearly as ubiquitous as Maggie Gyllenhaal. Donnie and Mark [7 movies or TV shows in 2005-06]: The Departed, Invincible, "Runaway", "The Path to 9/11", Annapolis, Saw II, and Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School vs. Maggie [8 movies in 2005-06]: Stranger Than Fiction, World Trade Center, Monster House, Paris je t'aime, Sherrybaby, Trust the Man, The Great New Wonderful, Happy Endings.

Dud—Box Office Numbers—Can someone pelase explain how does Jackass: Number Two earn $68.4 million in four weeks vs. The Illusionist, one of the year's best films, earns half as much in twice as many weeks? Chalk it up to a lack of a marketing campaign for Edward Norton's take on a turn-of-the-century magician vs. the juvenile interest of USAers who cannot get enough of people wrestling with dangerous snakes or branding their hind ends with non-dinner-table talk icons.

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