28 November 2006

Week of 28 August 2006

DudSnakes on Plane—Unfortunately, despite earlier comments, the film does not hold up to a second viewing.

Delight—Snakes on a Plane (Bring It!)—the featured song from the soundtrack by Cobra Starship and company is one of the best songs from a movie and definitely one of the best videos of a song from a movie in years. If you haven't downloaded it from iTunes™, it is highly recommended that you do so immediately.

DelightsQuinceañera and Only Human (Seres queridos)—an independent film and an international film that both really deliver.

Extreme DudBeerfest—if you see this film, don't say you weren't warned. Seriously, this is one of the worst movies ever conceived.

Extreme DelightsInvincible and Idlewild—it was a great week for movies starting with 'I'. Invincible warms the heart and Idlewild stirs the imagination.

Delights—Actors Mark Wahlberg and Matt Dillon live up to top billing though Dillon's movie (Factotum) isn't so good.

Dud—Paramount Pictures—Paramount dumps Tom Cruise, like he needs them, citing curious behavior. Ok? Wouldn't that mean they'd have to dump 99% of their stars? Seriously, what's up with that?

Delight or Potential Dud—End of Summer—summer's great and all, but here's to looking forward to the fall movie season when the Oscar® contenders start to come in droves, right?

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