28 November 2006

Week of 25 September 2006

Delight / DudHalf Nelson—Ryan Gosling was outstanding to be sure, yet the plot lacked the depth necessary to warrant a feature-length film.

Delights—Edmond and Lunacy—Two entirely different takes on going mad. The Czech film, Lunacy, is entirely bizarre, and yet so fascinating. If you've always dreamed of seeing pieces of meat come to life, here's your film. Meanwhile, William H. Macy finally sheds his Fargo accent and becomes, Edmond—a character that truly defines his talent.

Dud—Lindsay Lohan—Can she go one week without a major headline?

Delight / Dud—Movie Releases This Weekend—How do they put out Jackass: Number Two in the same weekend with Fearless, All the King's Men, Flyboys, and a sneak of School for Scoundrels? Huh? How? Put this movie out in August in the same weekend with Snakes on a Plane. Were it not for that, this weekend would have been a 100% delight.

Dud—Jet Li's Retirement—Actually he's a Dud(e). No, but serioulsy, how can he retire? Well, support Fearless, and maybe he'll come back for one more round.

DudFearless title—Did they think that USAers couldn't handle the title Huo Yuan Jia? Ok, maybe some couldn't, but come on. This is the name of the guy himself. It's like changing the title of JFK to "Red, White, and Blue". If it's the guy's name, then force USAers to deal with it.

DelightFlyboys—The aerial battle scenes, especially the attack on the zepplin, were worth the price of the ticket.

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