16 November 2006

Week of 7 August 2006

DudBarnyard—these party animals should have gone to college and studied anatomy.

DelightThe Hidden Blade—With 77 films under his belt, Yamada Yoji shows no signs of slowing down.

Delight—Leonard Cohen as sung by Rufus Wainwright—I still cannot get these amazing songs out of my mind from the film, Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man.

Dud—Robin Williams in The Night Listener—I never thought I'd say that RV was a better movie or that Robin Williams should stay in the photo booth?

DelightIMAX®-3D and The Ant Bully animation—Finally, a real 3D movie that isn't just gimmicks. This movie is unreal in 3D IMAX®.

Southern Pecan DelightTalladega Nights—side-splitting funny, and I don't even like Nascar® or Will Ferrell.

Dud—The Ant Bully and Barnyard—one was a good movie the other was terrible, but both were badly in need of a biology consultant. Ants with hearts and male cows with udders? Can Charlotte with 10 legs be far off?

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